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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


seems like i've hibernated from blogging for quite sometime. well, i've been pretty busy juggling lotsa school stuff for finals which by the way happens this week. finals will be over in a bit. yey! will update loads of random pictures as soon as my hands are free. alright, will cut this short so i can "sort of" study for my microbio exam tomorrow. yeah, will try real hard to focus. geesh, it's just so hard to memorize a gazillion scientific terms in a few sittings. the thing is my memory's really bad. i even suck at remembering people's names. what more with terms that are so hard to read or even spell?! the worst part is i have this habit of dozing off whenever i study for an exam. weird but true. studying for hours at a time makes my eyes droop. alright, i think i already said too much. so this should do it for now. will be back soon... peace out!


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