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Saturday, September 30, 2006

slowly, slowly.....

i know i sounded really grouchy these past entries. don't blame me. i'm just human (READ: WITH FEELINGS!!!). the rumors are true, i do get hurt from time to time. and i just don't think it's good to bottle up your feelings till you explode. i do know some people who do, and believe me, they don't have the sunniest dispositions in the world. so the lesson here is if you can't take it anymore, go drag somebody to act as your shock absorber as you relate the saddest story the world has ever heard or you can scream at the top of your lungs to your hearts desire in the privacy of your own room provided all four walls are sound proof or you can even cry till there's no more tears left to cry. but out of all of this options, i'd rather blog my sorrows away. if you ask me why... well i guess this is a more peaceful and healthy way of dealing with certain catastrophes that visit my usually peaceful and happy life. though my aunt marie who's now residing in canada doesn't agree with me due to reasons i won't divulge. (secret na namin yun....hahaha!) i know she's just concerned and she does have a point. so i'll try to leave private matters concealed only to those people concerned AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. ok. i'm stressing those words coz i who know i can't speak with finality without thinking of circumstances that may arise which might need super venting out even though i've already extended my patience to its' maximum level. ok. i'm rambling again. can't really help it. though i must say my anger is somehow subsiding. anyway, i really don't get mad for a long time. don't want my anger to devour me. and i just think it's unhealthy to stay mad for quite sometime. life is too beautiful to waste it by wallowing thyself on depressing issues. and i don't think prozac will do me good as most people say. thank God for my support group whose concern is enough to let me know that i'm not alone in my constant struggle for personal freedom. you guys are the best, i can't thank you enough! i'm just so overwhelmed that it's so hard not to smile despite of everything that's been happening to me. there, i've said my piece so i've got to hit the sacks now. that would be it for now. peace out!

i would like to greet my grandma a belated happy birthday! she just turned 81 last thursday. too bad there was a super typhoon and the whole area had a major blackout so we weren't really able to go out and celebrate. anyhow, we still made the best out of that day. =) cheers to my lola for long life! love you!!!


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