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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


ok. i know i've got tons to do but let me just take a bit of a breather and post the long-awaited picture of my skinny jeans which i've been putting off for quite some time. alright, it's not much since you can only see one side of it but i guess that should do it for now. i admit i look fat. so off with the nasty comments. ok? anyhow, i'm soooo workin' on it so there's no need to remind me to go on a diet or hit the gym or anything that leads to weight loss. i'm apparently trying to stear clear of carbs which i'm terribly having a hard time with since i love rice so much. yeah, a typical filipino...ha! but come to think of it, rice is evil! i guess it's the number one cause of my weight gain. and i always say discipline is the key to get my ideal weight, which time and again is easier said than done. but i think this is way better than going on a crash diet or starving yourself till you faint. ha! i know this is the "in" thing right now but i don't wanna get nor look sick or too skinny or even have eating disorders. don't want to be bulimic nor anorexic which i guess most girls are involved in right now. i know the trend is all about being skinny but i guess i just want to shed a few pounds and still look healthy. imo (READ: in my opinion), being skinny are for models and i just want to be like any regular girl whose not too fat nor too thin. the only possible thing that could ruin my no carb diet would be the people around me. for one thing, eating together with marvin could get me to eat more coz i can't help but get tempted to eat as much as he does. he's just so into his food! and another thing, honhon keeps on shoving food on my mouth. and last but i guess not the least is, they cook really good dishes when they obviously know that i'm trying to lose weight. i don't know what's up with you people?!! they keep on teasing me to trim down but the moment that i go on a diet the more food they ram on me. silly... don't cha think?! alright, i think my time is up for my supposedly short break. so that would be it for now. Ciao!

my very own skinny jeans: LEE STACKZ SKINNIES

i want to give my warmest greetings to the UST growling tigers for bagging the crown in the recent uaap basketball championship. go uste! i know i'm now in a different university for my second course but as one of your alumnae, i still cheer for uste all the way. and before i forget, yesterday, i was able to pass more or less 60 microbiology drawings of parasites and protozoa just in the nick of time. a big bear hug to my honhon for helping me out. you're such a miracle worker! thanks! lotsa kisses for ya. =)


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