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Monday, September 04, 2006

start of the "ber" months...where is santa?

september is here again, the start of the so-called "-ber" months which indicates the beginning of the Christmas season. i know it's a bit early for most people in other parts of the globe but majority of us filipinos, (i for one! haha...) see the arrival of september as a sign of the start of the holiday season. yey! i oh-so-LOVE Christmas!!! it's my all-time favorite season. they say it's just for kids. yeah, i'm no longer a kid but i'll always be a kid at heart. i can still remember the many Christmases i've spent believing in Santa Claus. my mom and dad would tuck me in bed while i try to take a peak. when they see i was already fast asleep they'd sneak in the gifts under the christmas tree and a few times on the stockings that were hung near the tree. then, they'd wake me up at midnight to open the gifts that Santa left ( i always got what i wanted--Santa knew me very well. haha!) and we'd eat a table-full of food. it was one of my most memorable experience as a little girl. i later learned that the real Santa had short hair with a distinguished mole on her cheek, and has a very big resemblance to nora aunor, the superstar. ( was my mom!) later on, santa's gifts were a no-show. if only, i can take it back so my mom can still get me what i want this christmas. hahaha! on the other hand, it's just sad that our poor economy through the years has apparently dampened the christmas spirit. the purchasing power of the peso has declined which means people can buy little out of their money. my heart goes out to those people who don't have much in life. the season can be all too sad. but then again christmas is a time of sharing. so i guess there is still a spark of hope that things will work out.

i wonder what will honhon get me this christmas??....ahem.....ahem....hahaha!!!=)


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