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Sunday, October 01, 2006

get over it....ha!

maybe it's time to get past being sorry for myself. i know it's just a waste of time getting depressed. when shit happens you just have to pick up the pieces and try to rise above the bad mess your in. hmmmm....easier said than done. but that's what i want to do right now. it's pretty annoying how i was greatly affected that i drastically lost weight in just a few days. is it good or bad? well, i've been trying to lose weight for ages but given a chance to lose it under this circumstances, then i'd rather pass up. on a lighter note, i'm already able to wear some of my favorite tops without looking bloated. ha! maybe, i'll try to stick with the no-carb diet. just hope i can keep up with it. ha! we'll see. anyhow, i'm trying to get back to my sunny and happy self. well, for starters, i'll try to post most of my backlogs as soon as i can. i've got lots of pictures taken some days and weeks ago which should have been posted if only thing were going my way and time was on my side. finals exams are near and i've got tons of requirements to pass. i've barely even started working on any of it. so maybe it can wait on a later date. oh, before i forget, honhon finally had the courage to get his hair all shaved up after all this time of complaining about his thinning and receeding hair line. i don't now what's up with guys and their hair. but they can be extremely particular with it. i know my honhon is. perhaps, he'd be less worried about how he looks now that he's completely bald. anyway, i guess he seems quite pleased with it. alright, got to cut this short, coz i still have to study for my very loooong microbio exam tomorrow. wish me luck! ha! that's it for now....peace out!

the bald and the beautiful?! hahaha...

i've checked my counter and it seems like most of the visitors here are looking for my lee skinny jeans so i'll try to post a picture of me and my skinnies. maybe on my next entry. we'll see. =)


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