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Sunday, January 28, 2007

so what now?!

Alright, I know I haven’t been posting for quite a long while. went on blogging hiatus. so much school stuff has taken over my time over the past months. Not to mention the times I spent on duty. I guess I just felt too tired to write. Though it didn’t stop me from getting updated with the latest buzz and fashion in Hollywood and I still manage to squeeze in a few minutes to check on girltalk. Well that you can’t take away from me. Since it has been a routine no matter how busy I am. All work and no play can be so sad. And besides I’ve been addicted to the internet ever since the world began. Woaaaa, can you dig that?! Haha. So you might be asking…what have I been up to? Well, for starters, back then, it didn’t occur to me how hard nursing life could be. I was only thinking of aiming to graduate, pass the board, apply in different hospitals in the U.S., get a visa and make lotsa moolah. i was planning my life in that order. Bummmmer! so easier said than done. over the months, I’ve been to lots of places since my classmates and I were assigned to different hospitals, health centers and even learning centers. It really is an eye opener. I’ve met lots of people from all walks of life. And now I realize how tough this job is. It’s like I always need to be attentive and having presence of mind all the time is a MUST, since I’m handling the life of a person here. no room for making any mistakes. So much stuff to memorize and I always have to make a mental note of what the clinical instructor is saying in order to avoid any catastrophes. I just wish I had time to slack off. But whenever I feel like giving up I just think of the kind of life that I want and sadly I know it’s not gonna happen here. so I just take this as a challenge. Switching lifestyles from earning my own money when I was still working to asking for money now that I’m a student once again, is no joke and can somehow be frustrating. I can’t afford to live the life that I used to. but then again I guess shopping is in my veins so there are still times that I can’t stop the itch to shop. Haha. Anyhow, the turn of events in my life has somehow made me stronger and I feel that I’ve become a better person. At least now I have direction. Well, that’s what I think.

me and my team @ O.S.

in between duties with my white cap =)

Now, moving on to jucier stuff. I recently learned about mineral make up through girltalk. Ha. The girls were buzzing like crazy about it that I can’t help but try if first hand. Curiosity killed the cat. And now I’m killing my mom’s pockets. Hahaha. Honestly, I don’t bother much time on make up. I wanna keep things as simple as possible. I used to put on pressed powder, blush, lip gloss and I’m good to go. But as I was reading through the thread, it said mmu is all natural with no preservatives, which means it’s good for the skin. And the thing that really caught my eye is that I can sleep on it. whoa, that’s something new! With that, I was sold!!! Mmu is still not available in the country. Good thing, there are sellers around girltalk and some good people who use their credit cards so that people who don’t have one can still be able to buy mmu. Hopefully, mmu will set on Philippine shores soon. Anyhow, I’m still in the process of trying out different shades at the moment. I got the BE (bare escentuals: id bare minerals) sampler set from sis claud of girltalk last week. The moment my package arrived I was so anxious to try it on. I received 2 different shades of foundation, 1 mineral veil (setting powder), 3 radiances (clear radiance, rose radiance, rose radiance, 4 blushes (glee, true, sf true, flowers), the rev-er upper, well rested, warmth and the dvd that had the mmu tutorial. I also bought the BE flawless application brush since I didn’t feel the need to own a brush til now. I’m so drooling over the kabuki brush. So cute! The glimmer eye shadows look yummy but I didn’t get those coz I have yet to master the application of the foundation, the mv, the blush and the radiance before I try going beyond the basics. There are a lot of other mmu brands to choose from but I wanted to try BE first, since I heard nice reviews about it and it was sephora’s best product of 2006. So far so good. Still no breakouts. I guess I really need to take care of my skin since I’m not getting any younger. by the way, i also try to cleanse, tone and moisturize at least once a day which I usually do before I go to sleep. If BE works for me, I’ll have to device of a way to persuade my mom to get the full pot of each item in the sampler set which is quite expensive. Ha, I’m counting on my lucky star. Tee hee hee! So this should do it for now. Will try to update as much as I can. But I doubt it if I can do it regularly. Alrighty then, y’all keep safe. Peace out!

the ad speaks for itself...

full pot minerals

this blush is so nice! love it! a pinch is more than enough to

have a natural flush on the cheeks.

another blush that leaves a natural flush

Be flawless application blush
i use it with almost everything =)

BE concealer brush

this is on my wishlist!

Be Kabuki brush

uberly cute!!!

internet connection is still a bit slow. I hope they fix the lines in Taiwan real fast!!! My torrents are d/l so sloooow! Other than that limewire seems to be up and running. Wee hee hee =)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are....

....both dressed up for halloween. couldn't resist to post this. see pics below.

Paris skanking it up as a cop
lindsay lohan is so into the 80's.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat?

happy halloween, everyone! i hope you're all good. i super miss blogging on a regular basis. i really do. but i guess i have a lot of things going on lately. my mom and i keep on clashing for the nth time. i know sembreak season is the best time to relax after working my ass off in school but it seems like i'm having a hard time doing so. my mom's screaming voice wakes me up so early in the morning which really spoils my day, having so little sleep night after night, due to our super hyper puppies which keeps on making noise till the wee hours of the morning. btw, the pups sleep with us (aimee, trish and i) in our room. i really get cranky when i don't get enough sleep. who doesn't?! going back to my mom, the reason why she's mad varies day to day. i dunno what's up with her. but i'm really trying to stretch my patience. that being said, brings me to the reason why i'm not able to put up a new entry. my mom keeps on confiscating my laptop, which is a major part of my daily routine. i've been deprived of internet access which is totally unacceptable. huhuhu! on the other hand, i don't know if i should be happy or sad but my internet time has been replaced with taking care of happy, my almost 3month old lhasa apso pup. he keeps on pee-ing and shitting. having a new pup is a whole lot of responsibility. my mom took care of dusty when he was still a pup so it didn't occur to me how difficult it is to take care of a puppy until i got my own. i have posted pics of cute little happy on my last entry. maybe i'll post some more if i can find my card reader. moving on, since my mom and i have been arguing for days now. i wasn't able to enroll on time. thus, i suffer the consequence of joining the bottom section. i was supposed to be enrolled in section A (since i saw a very big A scribbled on my folder which meant i was endorsed to be part of section A), which i heard is to be handled by the dean herself. i know it would've been better if i could join some of my previous classmates in that section. not to mention, it would've been nice to work with people who are really good. however, maybe just maybe, this might be a blessing in disguise since they say, it's so hard to deal with the dean, she has a very big temper. and come to think of it, everything happens for a reason. and speaking of school, this coming sem will be the start of taking on duties. i'm a bit scared yet excited to see how far i can go with this field. i just hope, i'd do well coz i'll be dealing with real people and not just dummies that we often use in school. oh, before i forget, i recently learned that reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe are now dunzo (READ: so over!). yup, you read it right, hollywood's golden couple have called it quits as of yesterday. it's just sad and so surprising since they were such a cute and ideal couple. i hope they can still patch things up. this is exactly how i felt for nick and jessica when they split up. the thing is most hollywood romances lack staying power. sad! anyhow, the good news is, (this goes out to all asiandrama addicts) mike he reportedly reconsidered pairing up again with rainie yang in "Exchange Love" which i heard will start shooting mid-november this year. yey! cheers to rainie-mike fans! i so love them. they're so cute and adorable!!! check out asianfanatics forum for more articles. this should do it for now, y'all have fun trick or treating! peace out!

cute little happy hamming it up for the camera
happy with her mommy
aimee, happy (gremlin!!) and me
... ryan and reese in happier times
can't get enough of them?!
yey! rainie and mike forever!!!! =)

just in case i don't get to update over the next few days then you somehow already have an idea why. till then....keep safe everyone! happy halloween!

Monday, October 23, 2006

it's so good to be baaaack!!!

alright, i've been back for like days now but i guess i've been all too busy with lotsa stuff. so what did i miss while i was gone??? let me have a rundown of some of the news churning in the rumor mill:

1) Paris and Nicole have ended their long feud and are friends again. ok. great. the world is round again. at least some people are happy.
2) Google has snagged youtube for a whooping $1.7 billion. whew! google is a friggin' giant. how bout donating some shopping money for christmas? paging mr. google you can adopt me anytime!!! hahaha!
3)Katie Holmes-Cruise and Victoria Beckham are the newest bffs. wtf? what an odd pair?! but i've heard they were in Paris just in time for fashion week.
4)And speaking of Katie, she and tom are getting married wearing armani that's for sure. but the venue of their wedding is still under speculation.
5)Kate Hudson and her rocker husband has filed for divorce. and some pictures of Kate and Owen Wilson having breakfast has been circulating. are they or aren't they an item. that we still don't know. but knowing those sneaky paps. the truth will be revealed soon.
6)Seems like everybody's breaking up. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker released some statement saying that their relationship has hit some hard times. however, days later their reps tell that the two are back in each others arms.
7)Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody's relationship has said to hit some rough spot. say it isn't so....i hope the news ain't true coz i absolutely love this couple. they're just so good together. so adorable.
8)Arch enemies Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are friends again. Reports say that the two had some sort of girl's sleepover. The thing with Hollywood is you really can't tell what will happen next. it's like everything is possible.

all of that being said, i now admit that i'm so addicted to hollywood gossip. one of my so-called guilty pleasures. =) for a quick fix of hollywood new, you can check out ---it's one of a string of hollywood blogs which delivers the freshest hollywood news. super love it!

moving on.

so what have i been up to lately? well as i've said in my previous entry we went to nueva ecija. well, i certainly enjoyed my short stay there. my no carb diet has gone down the drain the day we set foot on my aunt's resthouse. the food was really good! now that i'm back, i'm trying to pick up where i left off. i probably should work double time. should stay away from those sinfully delicious desserts. i've been craving for eclairs lately. this maybe due to my period. yeah, i tend to crave or eat more than i normally have when i get my period which is quite normal. pictures of our trip to follow.

BIG NEWS!!!!! we now have two new additions to our family. aimee and i both got uber cute lhasa apso puppies! i got a male puppy which i named "happy" while aimee got the female which she named "summer". the two pups are just a couple of months old and are still adjusting to their new environment, our home. happy looks a lot like dusty in many ways while summer is like a replica of Jack Nicholson's cute dog in the film "As good as it gets." The two are just so adorable. Our house is like in some sort of ruckus since they've been around. believe me having a pet just melts away stress, worries or any problems. They just give pure bliss. On the other hand, dusty, our other dog is not too happy about it. well, come to think of it, we should have expected that since dusty is a spoiled dog. although i now have a new pet, dusty will always be my baby. he is the greatest gift marvin has given me(as of now...hahaha). =) here are some snaps of happy and summer. happy has more solo snaps since he's my dog. but will try to get better pics of summer on my next posts.
happy and summer in deep slumber
ain't "happy" a cutie?! he sure looks a lot like dusty!
another picture of happy looking uberly cute!!!
happy and summer in their new home

i've been tinkering with photoshop again. i've been trying to experiment with new tuts from here and there. mostly stuff from livejournal and deviantart people. been trying to learn more about textures and stuff. tweaking pictures ain't easy as it looks. it takes patience and hardwork to perfect the craft. i so admire people who are so good at it. i hope i can be like them someday. anyhow, i just have to practice more to work my way up. so here are some of my work, i know i still have a looooong way to go however this should do it for now. you be the judge. i do accept constructive criticism. i do appreciate any comments be it good or bad. don't be afraid to tell me how bad i did. if you think i suck. then just tell me so i can do better next time. so there you could just imagine how busy i am these days. working on my laptop while puppysitting. tough huh? alright that's it for now. peace out!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006


sembreak has officially started. wohoooo! and i'll be leaving in a few more hours. i'm off to nueva ecija to see my aunt (who's my mom's elder sister who by the way happens to be a nurse in the states and is here for a quick vacation). marvin, aimee, lola, and my uncle dor will be with me during the whole trip. i know i oughta sleep at this point but i guess i just want to make a small note concerning the reason behind my blogging abscence. so there, i just want to make it clear that i'm not losing interest with updating stuff. it's just that i have a lot of things going on. and i'm not beginning to get lazy again. perhaps i can say i'm finally getting a life here....hahaha! anyhow, will try to update when i do get back which probably would not be later than wednesday coz i have an interview with the dean. yeahh, school stuff again. i know it sucks! but still, i have to do all of their requirements just so i can step up to the next level. ok. great, i'm starting to have a serious headache. so this should do it for now. peace out!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


seems like i've hibernated from blogging for quite sometime. well, i've been pretty busy juggling lotsa school stuff for finals which by the way happens this week. finals will be over in a bit. yey! will update loads of random pictures as soon as my hands are free. alright, will cut this short so i can "sort of" study for my microbio exam tomorrow. yeah, will try real hard to focus. geesh, it's just so hard to memorize a gazillion scientific terms in a few sittings. the thing is my memory's really bad. i even suck at remembering people's names. what more with terms that are so hard to read or even spell?! the worst part is i have this habit of dozing off whenever i study for an exam. weird but true. studying for hours at a time makes my eyes droop. alright, i think i already said too much. so this should do it for now. will be back soon... peace out!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


ok. i know i've got tons to do but let me just take a bit of a breather and post the long-awaited picture of my skinny jeans which i've been putting off for quite some time. alright, it's not much since you can only see one side of it but i guess that should do it for now. i admit i look fat. so off with the nasty comments. ok? anyhow, i'm soooo workin' on it so there's no need to remind me to go on a diet or hit the gym or anything that leads to weight loss. i'm apparently trying to stear clear of carbs which i'm terribly having a hard time with since i love rice so much. yeah, a typical filipino...ha! but come to think of it, rice is evil! i guess it's the number one cause of my weight gain. and i always say discipline is the key to get my ideal weight, which time and again is easier said than done. but i think this is way better than going on a crash diet or starving yourself till you faint. ha! i know this is the "in" thing right now but i don't wanna get nor look sick or too skinny or even have eating disorders. don't want to be bulimic nor anorexic which i guess most girls are involved in right now. i know the trend is all about being skinny but i guess i just want to shed a few pounds and still look healthy. imo (READ: in my opinion), being skinny are for models and i just want to be like any regular girl whose not too fat nor too thin. the only possible thing that could ruin my no carb diet would be the people around me. for one thing, eating together with marvin could get me to eat more coz i can't help but get tempted to eat as much as he does. he's just so into his food! and another thing, honhon keeps on shoving food on my mouth. and last but i guess not the least is, they cook really good dishes when they obviously know that i'm trying to lose weight. i don't know what's up with you people?!! they keep on teasing me to trim down but the moment that i go on a diet the more food they ram on me. silly... don't cha think?! alright, i think my time is up for my supposedly short break. so that would be it for now. Ciao!

my very own skinny jeans: LEE STACKZ SKINNIES

i want to give my warmest greetings to the UST growling tigers for bagging the crown in the recent uaap basketball championship. go uste! i know i'm now in a different university for my second course but as one of your alumnae, i still cheer for uste all the way. and before i forget, yesterday, i was able to pass more or less 60 microbiology drawings of parasites and protozoa just in the nick of time. a big bear hug to my honhon for helping me out. you're such a miracle worker! thanks! lotsa kisses for ya. =)