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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


it's been one helluva week. got tons of requirements to pass and lotsa drawings (for my microbio lab) to finish. i know it sucks! however, the good news is finals are finally here. yey! a few more weeks left and i'm off to enjoy the sembreak. ha! i'm so looking forward to it. so i can meet my college friends without the guilt of leaving my schoolwork at the bottom of my to-do list. and i'm glad things are somehow working out as it should be despite of a few glitches. whew, thank God! just hope my luck extends to the finals. i know i might sound quite boring coz i keep on talking about school and my routine in most of my entries. but, hey i can't help it. you, my dear blog is the only one who can stand and even tolerate my rants and raves. honhon even gets annoyed when i complain too much about school work. that's why i so love ya. ok. i'm beginning to sound so emo. so i'm gonna stop talking about school stuff. now, let's move on to the good stuff. i recently found out that apple has finally unveiled their latest ipod models, after so many months of speculations and so much talk about it. a new and improved nano (which i honestly think looks like a hybrid of the ipod mini and the previous nano model), a gorgeous 80gb ipod video, as well as a clip on shuffle are expected to top this years christmas wishlist all over the globe. by the way the new nano comes in uber cute colors while the new ipod video can now play more games like bejeweled. ha! it keep getting better and better. i wonder what'll they think of next. clap! clap! clap! for apple for making ipod so loveable! awww, i'm so ogling over the new ipod video. gotta snag one. if only i can swap my 5th gen pod vid. alrighty, that's it for now. will leave you with hot new pics of the latest ipod collection. enjoy! ciao!
*pls. click on the image to see the actual size of the picture*

uber cute ipod nano's: in slimmer and vibrant colors

ipod nano remastered

super compact ipod shuffle
do i need to say more?!

ipod shuffle front

ipod shuffle back

at the top of my wishlist:
the new gorgeous ipod vid!!!

more great news: ipod now sells ipod ready dvd movies. CLICK HERE, for more details or just visit


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