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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


the temperature continues to climb to my annoyance. so what's the best way to beat the heat---ICE CREAM!!! and my buddy dusty sure digs it. here are some snaps of my mom and dad spoiling the dog on two separate occasions:

hmmm....quezo real (read: cheese flavor)
yum! yum!
dusty loves cheese...
it's no surprise this is his favorite flavor =)
my mom spoils our dog too much!
(sometimes to a fault**)
but we don't mind....
my buddy dusty is such a sweetie!
here's my dad trying to feed dusty
on a lazy sunday afternoon
yummy pistachio ice cream!
...look how he goes at it
ice cream bliss....
...almost done
dusty is one happy camper and so is my dad
both look happy... don't cha think so? =)

the weather is still bad. it shifts from time to time. now, it's so damn hot the next minute it's raining like crazy. it's friggin' whacked up. will post a decent entry soon. this should do it for the meantime. that's it for now...peace out!


Blogger canDIshhh said...

Your family sure loves Dusty huh?!

9:46 PM  
Blogger princess catya said...

yeah, he's our baby!! =)

3:25 PM  

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