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Sunday, October 15, 2006


sembreak has officially started. wohoooo! and i'll be leaving in a few more hours. i'm off to nueva ecija to see my aunt (who's my mom's elder sister who by the way happens to be a nurse in the states and is here for a quick vacation). marvin, aimee, lola, and my uncle dor will be with me during the whole trip. i know i oughta sleep at this point but i guess i just want to make a small note concerning the reason behind my blogging abscence. so there, i just want to make it clear that i'm not losing interest with updating stuff. it's just that i have a lot of things going on. and i'm not beginning to get lazy again. perhaps i can say i'm finally getting a life here....hahaha! anyhow, will try to update when i do get back which probably would not be later than wednesday coz i have an interview with the dean. yeahh, school stuff again. i know it sucks! but still, i have to do all of their requirements just so i can step up to the next level. ok. great, i'm starting to have a serious headache. so this should do it for now. peace out!


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