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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

trick or treat?

happy halloween, everyone! i hope you're all good. i super miss blogging on a regular basis. i really do. but i guess i have a lot of things going on lately. my mom and i keep on clashing for the nth time. i know sembreak season is the best time to relax after working my ass off in school but it seems like i'm having a hard time doing so. my mom's screaming voice wakes me up so early in the morning which really spoils my day, having so little sleep night after night, due to our super hyper puppies which keeps on making noise till the wee hours of the morning. btw, the pups sleep with us (aimee, trish and i) in our room. i really get cranky when i don't get enough sleep. who doesn't?! going back to my mom, the reason why she's mad varies day to day. i dunno what's up with her. but i'm really trying to stretch my patience. that being said, brings me to the reason why i'm not able to put up a new entry. my mom keeps on confiscating my laptop, which is a major part of my daily routine. i've been deprived of internet access which is totally unacceptable. huhuhu! on the other hand, i don't know if i should be happy or sad but my internet time has been replaced with taking care of happy, my almost 3month old lhasa apso pup. he keeps on pee-ing and shitting. having a new pup is a whole lot of responsibility. my mom took care of dusty when he was still a pup so it didn't occur to me how difficult it is to take care of a puppy until i got my own. i have posted pics of cute little happy on my last entry. maybe i'll post some more if i can find my card reader. moving on, since my mom and i have been arguing for days now. i wasn't able to enroll on time. thus, i suffer the consequence of joining the bottom section. i was supposed to be enrolled in section A (since i saw a very big A scribbled on my folder which meant i was endorsed to be part of section A), which i heard is to be handled by the dean herself. i know it would've been better if i could join some of my previous classmates in that section. not to mention, it would've been nice to work with people who are really good. however, maybe just maybe, this might be a blessing in disguise since they say, it's so hard to deal with the dean, she has a very big temper. and come to think of it, everything happens for a reason. and speaking of school, this coming sem will be the start of taking on duties. i'm a bit scared yet excited to see how far i can go with this field. i just hope, i'd do well coz i'll be dealing with real people and not just dummies that we often use in school. oh, before i forget, i recently learned that reese witherspoon and ryan phillippe are now dunzo (READ: so over!). yup, you read it right, hollywood's golden couple have called it quits as of yesterday. it's just sad and so surprising since they were such a cute and ideal couple. i hope they can still patch things up. this is exactly how i felt for nick and jessica when they split up. the thing is most hollywood romances lack staying power. sad! anyhow, the good news is, (this goes out to all asiandrama addicts) mike he reportedly reconsidered pairing up again with rainie yang in "Exchange Love" which i heard will start shooting mid-november this year. yey! cheers to rainie-mike fans! i so love them. they're so cute and adorable!!! check out asianfanatics forum for more articles. this should do it for now, y'all have fun trick or treating! peace out!

cute little happy hamming it up for the camera
happy with her mommy
aimee, happy (gremlin!!) and me
... ryan and reese in happier times
can't get enough of them?!
yey! rainie and mike forever!!!! =)

just in case i don't get to update over the next few days then you somehow already have an idea why. till then....keep safe everyone! happy halloween!


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