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Saturday, September 02, 2006

IT STARTED WITH A KISS, midterms, splitting headaches and raccoon eyes....

it started with a kiss' ariel lin and joe cheng!
it's been more than a week since i last made an entry. i miss bloggin'! weehee! i decided to go on blog leave due to my midterm exams which by the way is officially over! yey, thank God! but the truth is my mind wandered elsewhere. WHERE? the tv!!! (and my laptop...hahaha) i got so hooked on watching "it started with a kiss." gawd, it's so addicting. at first, i was kinda hesitant to see the series coz i was under the impression that it has the same story as "devil beside you" (another taiwanese drama that i super love...haha) and the girl (ariel lin) has a striking resemblance with local star, jolina magdangal, which is kinda annoying but when i had a chance to watch the series on local tv last saturday, i was taken by surprise. it kept me on my seat the whole time to the point of craving for more. so i ended up watching episode per episode on youtube, which fyi has a not so clear copy however the subs are great! the subbers did a good job as compared to the dvd boxset’s subtitles which in my opinion totally sucked though i'd still hit it coz the story is great. haha. so bottomline is i got so pumped up watching ISWAK when i should've been studying. so i wind up having: 1)so little sleep after cramming very late at night 2) a hard time waking up in the morning due to a splitting headache 3) nasty eye bags and raccoon eyes 4) probably not so good marks in the exams which i hope not! and i only have myself to blame. huhuhu! arggh?! but it's just so hard to focus when the story is so good and the soundtrack is superb! i'm still half-way from finishing the series and i can't wait to see the last episode. but i’m so beat tired at the moment, so i guess i have to get some shut eye first. so i’ll leave you with lotsa pics from “iswak.” click on the image to view the actual size. and that’s it for now…peace out!

ISWAK fanart
the chemistry rocks!!!
don't cha think so?!
ariel lin with a bigger version of my buddy dusty
can't help but re-post my iswak wallpaper on my ipod
(see previous entry)
funny and sweet (kilig*)

“it started with a kiss” soundtrack is so nice (love it! love it!) that I want to share it with everyone! i’ll try to post a sample of my favorite picks from the soundtrack on my next entry. if you want a copy of the entire soundtrack, click HERE! hope you enjoy it as much as i do! ciao!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really dont know who you are , and you probably dont know me also, by the way im takome. theres one thing i can say about you. u totally rock girl .. you have a very great taste. hehehe . Joe cheng and ariel lin really rockz!!!!!!!!! i love them so much!!! i love all the pix you posted here ..their so sweet and the chemistry of them was so great .

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