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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

just my thoughts...

haven't posted any entry for days. got lots of schoolwork to do. arrggghhh! BUMMER! my hands are pretty full. truth is i'm getting sick of school. i feel like i'm draggin myself to school on some days. but heck i've got to do all of this. my sort-of-sacrifice. it sucks big time! but i hope it all pays off. if not, then i'm fuckin' screwed?!! two more weeks before midterms yet got loads of stuff to do. i'm so beat tired...bustin' my brains all day. i know i keep on yakking and whining for the same subject for the nth time but i don't care. i just need an outlet or i'd go nuts! believe me going back to school after having experienced a taste of work is sheer torture. i miss working, receiving money every payday, my work buddies...everything!!! anyhow, i hope something good comes up. like more time to go out with my friends, whom i haven't seen for like a gazillion months (nah, just kidding, but it sure feels like it!). gawd, i miss hanging out with you guys!(rain, pre, lizzie) i wish i have more time to spend with my grandma, who's here for a vacation. we have three more months before she goes back to the u.s. if only, i didn't have school (daym!) so we can make the most of her stay here. i love my lola to bits! really! i absolutely enjoy her home-cooked meals. perhaps, that's why i keep on gaining weight whenever she's around. looking forward to the sembreak so we can spend more quality time with her. that's it for now, time to hit the sacks to get up real early for my morning class tom.

i just wanna say happy anniversary to my honhon! thanks for nine long years of insane madness. the magic is still there. alafyoooooh!!!!
my twisted sunshine! =)


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