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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

magic and orange skies....

i've always felt that i'm more inclined to the arts. though i terribly suck at drawing stuff. if only you could see me struggle real hard in my microbiology class to come up with decent plates, you'd laugh your heart out. i used to envy other kids who could come up with amazing stuff when i was younger. mine never made it to the exhibits. still, i had this strong desire to be artistic. so the first time i found out about photoshop, i frankly told myself "i'm in love!" for people like me who's dying to be good in the arts, it's not too late yet. there is hope! photoshop is a genius!!! who could've thought that you could still show your artistic side with the use of a mouse and keyboard?! i so dig it!!! i love colors, mixing colors, putting different objects in unique layouts. gawd...there are endless possibilities. i had the control over things in just a click of the mouse. love it! love it! no more room for ugly pictures. haha. i guess i'm still an amateur. i know i still have a long way to go to master the art of photoshop-ing. but i'm eager and patient to learn. photoshop-ing takes lots of time and effort. you've got to be patient in picking up ideas in various tutorials available on the web. it's not that easy but is very rewarding once you see the fruits of your labor. there are lots of informative tutorials on the web. my personal favorite can be found here. now, i'll leave you with some of my photoshop-ed photos. it's not yet that great, i still have so much room for improvement but i think it's a good start....

one of my early attempts
this used to be my friendster wallpaper
this photo replaced the above picture as my current
friendster wallpaper when summer '06 began

this was created out of boredom but eventually
became a perfect header for this blog
another one of my summery pics
not much detail... but i still love it!
this photo originally didn't have vibrant colors... so i added some drama
besides...i just love orange skies!!!
seeing huh?!


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