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Friday, August 18, 2006

Perfect Combination...

honhon and i had our 9th anniversary (if my memory serves me right, it's a copper aniversary...yey!!!) a couple of days ago (august 16th to be exact). i had classes the whole day and the car was on coding so we ended up having lunch at S.R. Thai Cuisine (located in V. Concepcion St. near UST) during my break and we just stayed home and ordered pizza when i got home from school. that simple. anyway, we can go elsewhere this weekend. oh, before i forget, i wanna thank my grandma for making pancit bihon (READ: pan-fried rice noodles with minced chicken, pork, shrimps and vegetables) for us. this dish is somewhat popular here in the philippines. it's usually made during birthdays. old people say that it's for long life. maybe it's her way of wishing us to have a much longer relationship which means more years of craziness. hahaha! it's so sweet of her. very thoughtful! love ya, lola! pancit and pizza....hmmm, a very unlikely combination...but, heck any day spent with my honhon no matter if it's simple or fancy is quite fine with me. alafyoooh, honhon!!!
S.R. Thai Cuisine - had lunch here
so yummilicious!!!
a photo of the place
we both had seafood rice! yum! yum!
closer pic of S.R.'s seafood rice -
a mix of shrimps, squid, pork, pineapple, togue a.k.a bean sprouts
S.R.'s menu
an array of their seasoning and spices
their dried chilli peppers are my personal favorite
S.R. Thai Cuisine. love it!
pizza hut's super supreme cheesy volcano
my grandma's pancit bihon! awwww! sweet!
a closer look
if you want a recipe similar to this dish click here!

will post more pics of food on my next entry. alrighty, that it for now. ciao!!!


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