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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

confessions of an asian drama junkie

i must've been a korean or a chinese in my past life coz i get so hooked with most of their tv series. it all began when meteor garden was aired in may of 2003, which was also the time when people got tired of mexican shows. the story is quite simple, more of a modern cinderalla story but it was a phenomenal success. it was the start of my fascination for korean and chinese actors. i can't deny that i got so addicted that i'd go homebound before the show started. i deeply fell in love with Jerry Yan a.k.a Dao Ming Si that i'd went out of my way to collect cds, memorabilias and more info about him. i even went to his bench meet and greet stint in november '04. i really acted like a crazed fan. it cost me 7 bench shirts to get the passes for the said event. but i guess it was all worth it. i was so damn happy. this so-called asian invasion paved the way to appreciate other cultures. i think it's fairly good since everything's going global nowadays. it just gives us more options. don't get me wrong, i love the Philippines and i'm proud to be a Filipino but our dramas look so dull and is still stuck with the same old stories (very dragging and most of the time predictable) as compared to their amusing plots, scenic locations and their mesmerizing soundtracks which i think are key ingredients for a drama to hit the charts. i just finished A Love to Kill on youtube though i still watch its' tagalized version on abs-cbn. the story is a masterpiece. love it! i dunno how they do it but most of these series' have very excellent musical scoring which is quite lacking on our local shows. you see music is very poweful, i don't understand most of the lyrics (unless search it in google) but the melody just leaves me in a trance. funny how i'd sub-consciously hum some of them at times. let me leave you now with my top ten asian drama picks:

meteor garden tops my list...after all, this started it all
alafyoooh, dao ming si!!!

princess lulu to act like a princess 101! hahaha!
marmalade boy
awww....young love!
full house
honhon and i enjoyed this one...
super laugh trip!
wonderful life
very cute!!!
memories of bali
...tragic and unpredictable
....reel and real life sweethearts
barbie hsu and vic zhou
devil beside you
the chemistry is undeniably great!
my girl
lying to make a living?! very funny!
a love to kill
bittersweet! love it!


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