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Sunday, August 06, 2006

to eat or not to eat (meal or no meal?!!)

i feel fat. no, i look fat. shit, i gained weight again!!! (i'm ten pounds away from my ideal weight) this has been my problem ever since i was a kid. i'm part of the big chunk who suffer from this annoying yo-yo weight loss-gain cycle. the thing is my arms are the last ones to get fat and i'm starting to see some flabs on it. gawd, i want to have liposuction but then again i don't have that much money and i'm scared of going under the knife. arrghh! so i probably need to turn up the volume of my ipod and sweat it out. that is if laziness doesn't hit me which is quite rare. (yeah, im a fat ass lazy geek! but i'm trying to change.) so another option would be to go on a diet which i fail in miserably. i love food. who doesn't? and cold weather calls for more food to keep me warm. haha! so what to do? marvin keeps on reminding me to eat in small proportions so i can burn the calories more easily. maybe i'll try this one. who knows it might just work. haha. anyway, since we're talking about food. last night, marvin and i met up with precious at starbucks morato. then we headed to mister kebab (located along Quezon Ave. just across the old delta theatre) to have a very late dinner and try their indian cuisine. if i'm not mistaken, marvin and i had chelo kebab, it's tasty groundbeef served with grilled tomatoes and rice topped with melted butter. i personally loved the tomatoes. while pre had keema with eggplant, i think it's also groundbeef with a different twist. and we also ordered some shrimps with mushroom with lotsa curry in it. altogether the food was good. here are some pictures...

a glimpse of their wide selection
precious: oooh, looks delicious...sharap! sharap!
precious hamming it up for the camera! =)

tricia, my mom, marvin and i had lunch at jonas (a popular pares house in retiro) just this afternoon. i so miss this place. it has greatly changed from the very simple street corner food stall to the commercialized food establishment it is now. i grew up loving their "pares", (from the word pairs) which is a combination of fried rice and yummy sliced beef. funny, it used to sell at 22 pesos when i first got a taste of it. it's now priced at 88 pesos. quite expensive huh? times really have changed. but i'd still hit it anytime. haha. =)

the house that pares built! =)
my PARES fix: fried rice topped with crunchy toasted garlic
and their popular sliced beef
it screams: COMFORT FOOD!!!


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