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Friday, July 21, 2006

random thoughts....

i really want to get some shut eye after a very disastrous physics exam but on the other hand my body is telling me to start up the damn computer and type this silly entry. i guess my day wouldn't be complete without going online. it has become a habit. hence, i sometimes deprive myself of sleep and thus i'm beginning to look like a zombie with these nasty eyebags. yikess!! just hope it won't turn into fugly dark circles. =(

how do you know if you've become an addict? i'm not just talking about drugs here but addiction as a whole. perhaps this occurs when your life solely or frequently revolves around a specific thing, person, or object. does computer dependency count?? if that is so....then i'm an addict. ha! but i dont' care. i'm here to please myself! weeeheee!

moving on to other stuff, i saw my crush today. awwww!!!! i dunno what's with me. but i get so tongue-tied and i seem to lose my composure whenever he's a few meters away from me. all along, i thought that i'm done with this stage. but i guess you'll never know. some of my friends would tell me, "bakit ka pa nagkaka-crush? andyan naman si marvin!" well i honestly think that it's not a sin to have a crush on someone even when your very much into your boyfriend, since it's just a crush. it's like you just happen to see something in that person that struck your fancy. however, taking it to another level is another thing which i don't dare delve into. you see, i love my honhon in the entire world! don't want him to get hurt in any way. so there... i like my crushie but i heart my honhon! see the difference?!

speaking of honhon, i can't wait to go to the camera shop with him tomorrow. yey! i'm gonna buy myself a new camera. i've waited for so long. my old cam died on me ages ago. and taking pictures on my phone has been difficult. getting very good pictures rarely happens especially under low light conditions. after my very last exam tomorrow i'm gonna head straight home. weeheee! i hope i can get a good deal at moondust's cam shop. anyhow, still not setting my hopes too high so i won't get disappointed in the event that it doesn't meet my expectations. regardless, the thought of posting pictures on this blog leaves a ridiculously goofy smile plasterd on my face. haha! what's a blog without pictures?! it would be a bit dull. and most people are into visuals. count me in. haha. though a good read is still a good read.

i feel like i've already gabbed too much. so i'll save my other thoughts for my next post. till then....ciao!


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