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Thursday, July 20, 2006


i just finished a series of exams today. damn, i'm so exhausted after having racked my brains in microbiology this morning to chemistry and ncm lecture and lab in the afternoon. whew! it's so hard juggling one subject to the other. now i dunno if my brain still has enough memory to suck up more information for the next series of exams tomorrow. heaven help me! maybe i should try those memory enhancers that my mom was talking about last night. she kept on telling me to take one. but as not to hurt my ego, i decided to decline and bear with it. now im thinking.... it actually sounds like a good idea. two more days and i'm done with those nasty preliminary exams. yey! but then again the thought of receiving not so good marks next week would be depressing. nevertheless, i'm still hoping for the best. haha.


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