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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


look what i got in the mail today. topshop just sent me invites for their closed door sale this August 11 (friday). yey! i'm so thrilled! this is one of the clothing brands i absolutely adore because of it's quality. would you believe, all of my tops are still in perfect condition after years of usage. gawd, i still manage to wear all of them until now! love it! their line is a cross between classic and trendy clothing. no wonder even refurbished ones sold online in various forums still sell like hotcakes. i heard that they already have skinny jeans which they call "baxter." i can't wait to get my hands on them. i hope they include it on their sale. who knows, i just might get lucky. haha. if the pair fits then i guess it's in the bag. haha. i'm so looking forward to this event.

sweet invites - ha!
august 11 it is....wohooo!
"baxter" - just gorgeous!


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