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Monday, July 31, 2006

a la mode...

fashion has always been and will always be my passion. dressing up makes me happy. though i don't get to dress up much often as i want to. you see, i'm currently stuck with these white hideous nursing uniforms. it sucks! and i honestly hate it! this is the price i pay for wanting to go off-shore (read: U.S.A). anyway, i really like what's happening with the fashion scene at the moment. it's quite laid back and more people are coming out of their shells by going freestyle. no pressure of being out dated though i think there is still some room for improvement. and it's like people in general don't just follow trends but they try to mix and match pieces depending on their own personalities which i think makes it more interesting. but on the other hand, i think there's nothing wrong with going with the trend just as long as it looks good on you. don't wanna go overboard and look like some fashion victim. i won't deny that from time to time i still check hot new items that hollywood celebs are wearing. i try to find stuff that matches me coz as they always say "what works for other people doesn't necessarily mean would work with you". i went gaga over couture shorts a couple of months ago and i'm on the verge of getting tired of them. skinny jeans are the "in" thing right now. it seems like every celeb in hollywood is sporting it. and i love it! i'm still on the prowl for skinny jeans that would flatter my body type. you see, i'm kinda bottom heavy. maybe i just have to get one with a darker wash. i checked out lee over the weekend and i was able to fit into one but i just didn't like the wash. the previous skinnies that they released were much better. too bad, they ran out of stocks in my size. so i guess the hunt for the best skinny jeans is still on. will update when i get a hold of the perfect pair. weehee! i leave you now with my fave celebs in their skinnies.

mischa b. looking gorgeous in her skinnies
la lohan skinnies - casual yet fab!


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