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Saturday, August 05, 2006


my all-time favorite pokemon on my n6630! read it right. i found out a couple of months ago that you can actually install gameboy color games on a nokia 6630 (or any n60 series for that matter). isn't it amazing? how? well to start things off, you first have to download an emulator. so what is an emulator? according to "it is a device that is built to work like another. A computer can be designed to emulate another model or CPU type and execute software that was written to run in the other machine." there are lots of emulators on the web but based on several tests i have ran, i have singled out vampent's vboy as the best. the graphics are just fantastic. and the good part is you can put lotsa games in your pocket without the hassle of changing cartridges. ain't it neat? i just love it when technology just makes life easier. to download the trial version of vboy (or purchase the full version) click here. Now once you have the vboy emulator the next thing you need is a rom. so what is a rom? "rom is an abbreviation for read-only memory. It is a kind of memory which holds programs and data which can not be changed, and maintains its data without power." so basically, these are the different games originally stored in gameboy cartridges. there are so many sites that offer such roms but my top pick can be found here. it has a huge selection of games with the likes of super mario, zelda dx , pokemon and many others. (warning: there are no guarantees that every rom will work. not all roms are compatible so it's still a trial and error thing. though most roms work fine.) So, you already have the gbc (read:gameboy color) emulator / vampent's vboy and the gbc rom (take note: only gbc roms will work with vboy. gba or gameboy advance roms won't work) on your pc. To transfer it to your phone you need to have a memory card reader. Once you have both vboy and your preferred roms on your memory card, go to file manager to install it. and when you're done, everything should be all set. you can play your favorite game right in the palm of you hands. isn't it great?! love it! love it! technology never ceases to amaze me. ok... ok... i'm a geek?! so what?! hahaha... if i don't get lazy, i'll write about how to mazimize your ipod video on my next entry. till then....

this is how vboy's menu looks like
(sorry the picture's somewhat blurry)

another one of my favorites!
got this for my honhon... =)
my super dependable card reader
p.s. i dedicate this entry to those people ( this includes lester barba...ayan na ha!)who keep on asking me instructions on how i got those gameboy games on my 6630. hope this helps. for questions regarding this topic email me. alrighty?! that's it for now. ciao!


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