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Saturday, August 05, 2006


i feel sad. i'm friggin' worried coz my dog, dusty looks sick. something just isn't right. he mops around most of the day on our couch and he wouldn't budge when i try to play with him. dusty has been with us for 8 wonderful years. he has always been the baby in the family. my mom really pampers him a lot and sometimes to a fault. yeah, they spoil the dog too much but i've got no complaints. we just love him so much! and the thought of losing him is unbearable. it probably would break my heart. i've grown so attached to him. dusty is a sweetheart! i just love the way he looks happy whenever he sees me enter the house (even when i'm just gone for five minutes?!) he'd wildly wag his tail like he hasn't seen me for ages. and he never gets tired of lickin' most of us ( though he's not really that friendly to people unfamiliar to him...READ: not family!). he surely loves lickin' marvin. though it seems gross, we honestly don't mind. my mom more often than not takes him along when she goes to her clinic. i guess it's true that a dog's love is unconditional coz he doesn't mind waiting for her hours at a time. i hope he gets well soon. or we might have to take him to the vet for a check-up. oh well, let me leave with you with random pictures of my buddy, DUSTY.

dusty looks really weak. could it be with old age??
i hope not!
dusty up-close... get well soon, pepung!
dusty in healthier and happier times
ain't he a cutie??!
this funny picture was taken last May when we moved in to a new apartment.
Dusty was trying to get my attention by lying on top of my laptop.
smart dog...haha! he got what he wanted. haha!
another photo of that funny moment =)
this photo was taken sometime last summer,
dusty got really sick that we had to rush him to the hospital.
he got so dehydrated that our vet had to place in a dextrose.
if you look closely, his paws are tied to the corners of the table,
to avoid him from removing the dextrose.
see how my family loves dusty??!
aimee hamming it up for the camera while my mom amusingly looks on...
my mom, dusty and aimee inside the car...
the dog just loves travelling...
beat that?! hahaha!
dusty loves marvin so much...i think dusty's gay?! HAHAHA!
sharing my honhon with other girls?! HELL NO!!!
with dusty....
i don't mind!! hahaha!
the "queer" dog... don't cha think so?!


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